Art quilts from Western Australia

These sixteen art quilts, the fourth set by the group, depict aspects of Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain; swamps, estuaries and rivers, and native plants and animals. Accompanying text describes what is depicted on the quilts in terms of relevance to traditional Noongar culture. Noongar people were first custodians of the Swan Coastal Plain.

The quilt set has been created in the spirit of reconciliation with the Noongar community, and for educative purposes. The set follows the group’s ‘Balbuk’s Country’ quilts which they believe achieved these same purposes.

The Wetlands quilt set has conducted the following Noongar consultation:

• Viewing and appraisal of quilt set by the Shire of Cockburn Aboriginal Reference Group, Perth

• Exclusive viewing of quilt suite for Noongar Elder Women, arranged by the City of Perth

wetland-2About the group: WA Inspired is a group of eight quilters in Perth, Western Australia whose purpose is making art quilts for exhibition. We agree on sizes and themes, then work individually initially, to ensure variety in what we create. We have made, exhibited and sold three series of quilts which can be seen on our website Our fourth set ‘Noongar Country, Wetland Glimpses’ was launched in Albany, WA and will be seen at AQC where members of the group will be available during the day to discuss.


grp-1Hilary Arber, ‘enjoys creating art with my sewing machine’. She is an accomplished hand and machine embroiderer and revels in experimenting with dyeing and other fabric treatments. She has won Viewers’ choice awards and many exhibition prizes.

grp-1Roberta Chantler, ‘likes creating her own designs and experimenting with different techniques’. Her quilts reflect strong affinity with the challenging non-urban landscapes of Western Australian, both in colour and graphic design. Roberta is a multiple prizewinner.

grp-1Meg Cowey, ‘enjoys the challenge of technical piecing, especially non-tessellating shapes, informed by a foundation in traditional techniques’. She creates abstract designs, often with ambiguous architectural themes, leaving interpretation to the viewer. Meg is a multiple prize-winner.

grp-1Pat Forster, ‘likes making quilts with mathematical designs’. For the Noongar Country quilt project, she read widely about Noongar culture in order to inform the quilts. She has won many prizes and had quilts juried into National and International exhibitions, most recently Quilt National 19.

grp-1Elizabeth Humphreys, ‘likes making quilts that are uniquely Australian and that reflect her extensive travels by road across the country’. Her award winning quilts resonate the colours of the native flora of the outback. She has made many quilts for Australian Veterans and bereaved families.

grp-1Stella King, ‘is enjoying the journey of being a fledging textile artist’. She produces novel designs that encompass the historical and natural heritage of Western Australia. She brings to bear a wide range of techniques to problem-solve the making of her quilts.

grp-1Stephanie Knudsen, has a long history of working and teaching with textiles and ‘leans toward the abstract and innovative’. Currently she mainly uses hand dyed cotton and silk, heavily stitched and manipulated, to create landscapes and aerial views of the land. She has a long list of prizes.

grp-1Denise Mallon, ‘is enjoying a new direction with quilts since moving to Western Australia’. After initial inspiration she allows her quilts to evolve in the construction, bringing to bear her expertise with many hand and machine techniques.

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