Social functions and lectures are part of the AQC. Come and listen to a lecture by one of our international tutors, enjoy the company of quilters at our cocktail party or celebrate in style at the gala dinner. Events are included in some of the Convention Packages or can be booked separately by visitors.

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Please note: All AQC social function tickets are non-refundable.

Welcome Cocktail Party:

6pm Wednesday, April 13

Kick off this year’s AQC with a celebratory cocktail and the announcement of the winner of the 2016 AQC Challenge, with the theme this year of Tradition with a Twist. Also meet our 2016 tutors. There will be some amazing entertainment and a great time for all is guaranteed!

Tickets: $70

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Thursday Evening Lecture with Victoria Findlay Wolfe:

5.30pm Thursday, April 14


Victoria presents 15 Minutes of Play: The What and Why’s of PLAY! an exciting presentation with loads of quilts! Victoria gives an inspiring talk about her process, and how to push your creativity. She will share enough to get you all creatively inspired, and ready for the rest of the convention on the creative buzz!

Tickets: $45

Friday Evening Lecture with Laura Wasilowski:

5.30pm Friday, April 15


Join Laura in Celebrating the Life of a Quilt Artist. Listen to her adventures in quilt making and hear traditional art quilt folk songs like ‘Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime’ and the ‘Minnesota Quilter’s Polka’. It ’s a quirky documentary featuring a display of her small art quilts and many other songs from the ‘Chicago School of Fusing Bond Fire Songbook’.

Tickets: $45

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Gala Dinner:

7pm Saturday, April 16

Join us for an evening of entertainment, food and wine in the company of fellow quilters. All drinks and food are included and you will be dancing and laughing the night away and talking about this event for years to come! Several awards will also be announced during the evening.

Tickets: $129

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