Enjoy this exhibition of international art quilts from a group of nine quilters from five countries. The Constants & Variables Challenge explores themes the quilters have set each other. In this display we show the themes of Reinterpreting Tradition and Text.


From the Traditions collection,
Betty Busby created Crystallography

Quiltmaker’s statement: Using free form paper piecing combined with appliqué and non woven materials, Crystallography gets inside the poky macro world of crystal formation.

From the Text collection,
Martha Wolfe created Pulse

Quiltmaker’s statement: June 12th, 2:06 am, Eddie Justice texted his mother from a bathroom inside Pulse, an Orlando, Florida nightclub. “Mommy I love you”. Texting, they shared the terror as it unfolded. “I’m going to die”. By dawn, he and 48 other members and allies of the LGBTQ community had been killed.

From Text, by Alicia Merrett:
The Play’s the Thing

Quiltmaker’s statement: I am a great fan of Shakespeare’s plays, but what fascinates me most is the magic of Shakespeare’s words. ‘The Play’s the Thing’ uses titles of his plays to work a design with colourful text on a dark background. It is made with a fused appliqué technique.

Quilters in Viewpoints 9 include Betty Busby (USA), Alicia Merrett (UK), Sue Dennis (Australia), Martha Wolfe (USA), Hsin-Chen Lin (Taiwan), Kim Misik (South Korea), Kate Themel (USA), Lisa-Marie Sanders (USA) and Diane Wright (USA).

Constants & Variables challenged the members to respond to a physical variable in their work within a personal theme of their choosing.

The emerging narrative allows opportunities to experiment with new techniques, share each artist’s individual perspective and glimpse their creative process. The Constants & Variables exhibition is an intimate portrait of the feelings and fascinations of the artists, transcending language, distance and culture.

Viewpoints 9 are an international, invitational, fibre art group, founded in 2012. Their first two collections of work, Viewpoints 9 and Challenges of 9 have premiered in venues around the world – from the European Patchwork Meeting in France to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. Based on challenges posed by each artist, they consider unique sources of creative inspiration, sharing their interpretations on a bi-monthly, online blog Viewpoints9-3.blogspot.com.