Update: Submissions have now closed.

An Invitation to Past AQC Delegates: Here’s your chance to show off a quilt from a previous AQC class.

At the 2017 AQC event, we will have a display of ‘AQC Class Quilts’. If you have attended an AQC class and have a quilt that you made based on that class, and you would like to see it displayed at AQC please consider submitting it for our exhibition. We’ll select up to 30 quilts, with consideration to a variety of techniques and styles.

To fill in the form, you will need this information handy:

•    Your name
•    Your email
•    Your phone contact
•    Your postal address

•    Image of your quilt 1 to 2 megs in size
•    Quilt title
•    Statement about the quilt
•    Quilt size
•    Year attended AQC class
•    Tutor’s name
•    Class title