See what ’s possible! Be uplifted and inspired by this amazing selection of high quality hand-picked quilts, encompassing traditional and contemporary, modern and art styles, brought together just for AQC. Here is a snapshot of what will be seen this year.

Image: High Rise Apartment with Garden View by Jan Rowe

Best of Australia

See the 8 Best of Show quilts from every state guild show. They will be judged for the National Quilt Award which will be announced at the AQC Gala Dinner.

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Best of the Best

Take a trip around Australia and see the best quilts from all annual state quilt guild shows here under the one roof. Read more…

Rajah Winner 2015 – Di Ford-Hall

Renowned for her traditional but original work, Di Ford-Hall will show some of the amazing quilts that she has created over the years and one or two not seen before. Read more…

The Journey Thus Far…


Aus/NZ art quilters online are celebrating their 10th anniversary with this exhibition of 21 ten inch square quilts. Read more…

Image: Anniversary quilt by Cait Gordon

Food for Thought


SAQA’s newest exhibition, Food For Thought, has arrived in Australia. 34 artworks created by SAQA members from around the world examine the many aspects that food plays in our daily lives — from a single piece of fruit to a still life, from the family table to the significance of food in cultural and family celebrations. Read more…

Image: Cherry Pie by Velda Newman

Double Wedding Ring Quilts


Who would have thought this wonderful old favourite design could be given a modern makeover and look so incredible. Victoria Findlay Wolfe has been dubbed a mod-quilt celebrity by the Wall Street Journal. Meet her, see her quilts and be inspired. Read more…

Image: Greatest Possible Trust by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

25th Anniversary SAQA


This year we have Trunk Show F to share with you, consisting of 50 small textile art pieces from around the world, diverse and exploratory. Read more…

Image: Ruby by Bonnie Ouellette

Inner Journeys


This new exhibition is the work of six South Australian textile artists, the SAlt group. The work is the artists’ unique and highly personal responses to the five themes; the physical journey, the emotional, spiritual, creative and the journey of discovery. Read more…

Image: Inner Journeys by the SAlt group

Red & White


At the Sydney Quilt Show 2015, visitors were treated to a spectacular display of red and white quilts and the Quilters Guild of NSW brings a selection of those to AQC. Read more…

Image: Red Deer with Poppies and 274 Roses by Merelyn Pearce (detail)

Teach Me


Our tutors will show some of their work which ranges from traditional to contemporary and includes a huge variety of techniques – you’ll be awed by their work and gather loads of ideas from it. Read more…

Image: Most Beautiful World of Peaceful Harmony by Cathy Coupland

2016 AQC Challenge – Tradition with a Twist


The AQC Challenge this year has the theme ‘Tradition with a Twist’. All quilters were invited to enter this exhibit which premiers at AQC then tours for a year.

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Image: Carousel by Yvonne Chapman, 201g Challenge finalist

Millefiori Magic

AQC_call_for_entries_Millefiori_Magic Kaleidoscope quilts have been a sensation around the internet lately; with their magically colourful designs made using paper piecing and fussy cutting, they can be absolutely spectacular. We invited quilters who have completed one to submit it for possible inclusion in our display at AQC. More details here. Image: The New Hexagon – Millefiore by Katja Marek, from the book The New Hexagon – 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece.

A Matter of Time


Brenda Gael Smith invited quilters to enter this new exhibition exploring the fourth dimension – the results are spectacular. Read more…

Paws & Whiskers – Mini Textile Art Challenge


A mini textile art challenge. Quilters were invited to enter a small quilt which shows off their best friend – even if the pet has a beak, feathers or scales. Viewers’ choice voting will be conducted on Thursday and Friday at AQC. Read more…

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Wartime Quilts: Made by Men

In this exhibition of Wartime Quilts visitors will see the geometric masterpieces made from uniform fabric from wars over the past 200 years in Dr Annette Gero’s extraordinary collection. Read more…

Image: Quilt from Annette Gero’s collection

Quilts From Borneo

We’re excited that quilter Anne Maundrell, resident of Brunei, is visiting AQC in 2016. She’ll be bringing a selection of work for display including new pieces ‘Seed Pods Reflected’ and ‘Jungle Leaves’. Read more…

Image: Jungle Leaves 2 by Anne Maundrell

Stevie – Too Big To Miss!


Susan Carlson will certainly have her hands full at the 2016 AQC. Not only is she teaching classes, she’ll also be showing off her renowned work, ‘Stevie’. At more than 6 metres long, ‘Stevie’ is a life-sized collaged and quilted image of a saltwater crocodile, named as a tribute to Steve Irwin. Read more…

Image: Crocodylus Smylus by Susan Carlson