The annual AQC Challenge is a themed competition open to all. Quilts must be a certain size and show interpretation of the theme – in 2014 the theme was ‘TEN’.  This year’s entries were received from every state in Australia as well as New Zealand and Canada.

Congratulations to the winner  of the 2014 AQC Challenge, announced Wednesday, April 10 at the AQC Welcome Cocktail Party.

The Winner is: Alison Withers (VIC), with her quilt ’10 Together Equals Teamwork

For the first time ever the judges were unable to declare an outright Runner Up and SPLIT the prize between two people. The equal Runners Up are:

Rosemary Rush (NZ): It’s All About the Number

And Jill Hessing (VIC): Ten in My Tank Today

And the winner of Viewers’ Choice is:

Sue de Vanny (VIC): Tram Route No. 10

See these wonderful winning quilts, and all the amazing finalists quilts, at the Craft & Quilt Fairs in 2014.

Click on each quilt image to see the full quilt and read the quiltmaker’s statement.

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