The annual AQC Challenge is a themed competition open to all. Quilts must be 125cm square and show interpretation of the theme. In 2013 the theme is ‘Free’.

AQC Challenge Free: Soaring into Sunlight by Bob James
As Close to Flying While Still on the Ground by Cindy Watkins Finally by Deb Layt Free (Spirit) by Ele Hockey Out of the Darkness by Jo Frizza
Formation Flying by Ellen Rankin Truly Free by Sue Broadway Galloping Wild and Free by Helen Godden
A Citizen of Woodfordia by Kathy Adams Flying Colours: Budgies Uncaged by Brenda Gael Smith Blown Away by Robyn Eves Free to Roam by Lucy Carroll
A Pretty Kind of Wilderness by Material Girls: Denise Sargo, Robyn Eves, Christine Kondratenko and Sandra Lyons Dancing Free Roxanne Murphy Frei by Monika Kern Under the Sea by Genny Frazer
Free by Pamela Patterson Liberated by Kathy Beilby From Dreamtime to Peak Hour by Lyn McIntyre I Am Nujood and I Am Free! by Gillian Shearer
Set Me Free by Rebecca Wolske Free Beach by Elaine Sturmfels Blown Away by Debbie Guihot Free Board and Lodging by Kay Murray

Congratulations to 2013 AQC Challenge winners!

Cash prizes were awarded and announced at the AQC Cocktail Party.

First prize $3500: Galloping Wild and Free by Helen Godden

Runner Up $1500:  I am Nujood and I am Free! by Gillian Shearer

The AQC Challenge is sponsored by:
Expertise Events

Viewers’ Choice $500: Coreopsis by Bernadine Hine

This year’s entries were received from every state in Australia as well as New Zealand and Canada.

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